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If one has ever been to a Bengali wedding, for the first timers the ululation by the women at the venue is more of a shock. In our first assignment as Bengali wedding photographers, the collective blowing of the conch and the playing of the Shehnai was cordial but then the ululation was scary. Now, we are proficient Bengali wedding photographers and everything ceremonial is enjoyable.

In a traditional Bengali wedding a large list of rituals are categorized under three groups, pre-wedding rituals, main wedding rituals and post wedding rituals. In fact, Bengali wedding photography is quite a challenge. Being reputed amongst the top ten wedding photographers in India, we had to accept the challenge. The satisfaction of our clients from the numerous Bengali weddings we have worked at is the reward we have earned.

We will talk about the very interesting rituals here. The first one in our list is the “Saat Paak”, the bride is seated on a ‘pidi’ (a small wooden stool), she is picked up along with the stool by her brothers and is moved around the groom in circles for seven times. Then comes the “Mala Badal”, the brothers of the bride have to keep her high on the pidi after the “Saat Paak” and then the bride and the groom exchange floral garlands, three times.

During the “Yagna”, the bride and the groom recite the holy mantras after the priest, the sacred fire in front of them is regarded as the witness. In the post wedding rituals, something different from the North Indian weddings is the “Kaal ratri”. The couples get to rest separately on their first night, so that they can get rid of their fatigue. It is the “Phool Shojja”, when the couple’s room and bed is decorated with the fragrant flowers and they are left alone.

We at Amit Video Vision are passionate about our work and the contentment of our clients is our motivation. We employ the most skilful professionals and the latest equipment for our job. Our decades of experience have always enjoyed the advantage of word of mouth recommendation.

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