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Selecting A Best Muslim Wedding Photographers

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There is a world of a difference in the pictures when one poses for the camera and when pictures are taken in natural state. The beauty of natural emotions is enticing and the joy is re-lived every time the photographs are watched. This style of photography, which reveals the natural emotions and at many times the person being photographed is not even aware of it, is Candid photography. Alternately, there are many pictures that require the individual(s) to pose, like the ones on stage, this style is termed as portrait photography.


Amit Video Vision incorporates both the styles of photography in traditional Muslim wedding photography or informal Muslim wedding photography. The portrait style results in a perfect picture for the wall and now-a-days as a perfect profile picture for the social media. As experienced Muslim wedding photographers, we know the right moments and keep an active eye for faces gleaming with laughter and colourful emotions. An ideal mix of the two styles creates cherishing memories for a lifetime.

The testimonials of our client’s reveal that we have played the perfect role as Muslim wedding photographers. We are well versed with the traditions and customs and prepare accordingly. In a traditional Muslim wedding, the time involved as compared to a traditional Hindu wedding is much less. Hence, our approach for Muslim wedding photography is different.    

Whether it is the ‘Mehndi’ ritual at the bride’s place or the groom’s ‘baraat’ procession, we deploy talented professionals for the shoot. The ‘Nikah’ or the wedding ceremony involving the groom’s proposal and the bride’s acceptance called the ijab and qabul, the signing of the ‘Nikahnama’, get our undiluted attention when we play Muslim wedding photographers.        

There is no alternative to delivering quality and gaining customer satisfaction. Therefore, our team comprises of refined and experienced professionals, not just for shooting but also for processing the work. A word of recommendation from our clients is a trophy that we flaunt with pride.

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