Pre wedding planning tips


Any wedding requires a lot of prior planning and especially if you are planning an Indian Wedding, you need to do a lot of arrangements before the Wedding Day. In the Indian Wedding, there are several rituals and customs to be performed before the wedding day, other than this, simultaneous arrangement of all the required items and facilities on the wedding day and post marriage ceremonies are also compulsory. So, it is very important for you to plan the ceremony in a very systematized and appropriate matter keeping all the possibilities and impossibilities in concern.
Pre-Wedding Preparation tips
If you have ample budget but less time, you can always hire a wedding planner. Many of the Wedding planners give extremely personalized touch to the ceremony. However, if you wish to plan the wedding on your own then start the planning as soon as possible.
Once you have finalized the date for the wedding day, what you need to do first is to book the wedding venue. Keeping in concern the extreme population of the city and rush in the wedding seasons, you must be cautious about being the earliest one to book the venue of your choice.
The second most important thing is deciding the caterer. Once you have decided what your menu and budget would be like, you must select a caterer that suits to your budget and taste.
Start planning the ambience of the venue as soon as possible. If you want to take the help of professional planner, plan a meeting with few of them to choose the right one according your budget and choice.
Music is a mandatory requirement of any wedding function, so decide what form of music and which kind of DJ or band you would like to arrange for your wedding day. Also, book them before they are hired by some one else.
Shopping for the event as well as the wedding gift is also compulsory. So, prepare a list of all the required items in the wedding, after the wedding and all gift items separately.
Preparing a list of all the guests and cross checking it twice is also very necessary in order to avoid any blunder in invitation.
Make arrangements for the stay of your guests in a hotel or your home. Also, arrange transportation facility for them.
Though the invitation card is distributed only a few weeks before the wedding day, it takes time in selecting and getting the required number of prints, so also keeps in concern that you have required number of cards on time.
Here is a small timeline to help you out sort out the huge pile of tasks :

~Plan (9-12 Months) :
a.Set the date and the destination.
b.Define you approximate budget.
c.Book the venues for the various functions, book your caterer, decorator and photographer as these are the ones which are overbooked during peak time,so its better to sart out early and choose the best one for your once in a lifetime event!
We would suggest you to give the task of capturing your wedding to so that you get the most beautiful wedding photographs!

~Prepare (4-6 Months) :
a.Finalise card designs and place your order.
b.Start trimming your guest list.
c.Book accommodation for your outstation guests.
d.Confirm the pandit or the priest.
e.Sort out your marriage registration plan.
f.Sort out your entertainment plan for the various functions including the wedding (live band, DJ or MC).
g.Hair stylist
i.Henna Artist
j.Design your wedding theme.
k.Finalise the wedding band for the baraat.
l.Start making a detailed timeline for each of the days like the sangeet day,haldi ceremony,mehendi,engagement and ofcourse the wedding day!This will help you sort out all the requirements easily and get rid of the last moment panic.

~Personalise (2-3 Months) :
a.Finalise on your wedding theme.
b.Finalise the menu/s for your functions.
c.Shopping for the wedding gifts.
d.Send out the wedding invitations (preferably with a map).
e.Send event schedule to the various vendors involved(caterers,decorators,photographers,videographers,etc.).
f.Book your transortation vehicles for the guests.
g.Do the required bookings for your honeymoon,and the neccessary arrangements for your passports, if required.

~Panic (not!) (4 weeks) :
a.Visit venue to figure out seating, décor et al.
b.Delegate responsibilities to family and friends
c.Get in touch with all your vendors.
d.Confirm your final guest list.
e.Finalise shopping for the wdding day.
f.Book security personnels.
g.Plan wedding hall layout and seating arrangement with your venue manager.
h.Get your hair cut and coloured, if desired.
i.Start with pre-wedding bride or groom beauty treatments and spas for looking the best on your D-Day.

~One week before the wedding(yay!) :
a.Go over your checklist to heck out if you have missed-on on anything.
b.Reconfirm arrival times with vendors.
c.Delegate small wedding-day tasks. Choose someone to bustle your dress, someone to carry your things, someone to be in charge of gifts (especially the enveloped sort), someone to hand out tips, and someone to be the point person for each vendor.
d.Pick up your dress. Or make arrangements for a delivery.
e.Inform about timeline of events to your friends and closed guess.
f.Check in one last time with the photographer. Supply him or her with a list of moments you want captured on film.
g.Set aside checks for the vendors. And put tips in envelopes to be handed out at the event.

A day before the wedding(OMG!It’s almost here!) :
a.Call-up your beautition and get a spa and final beauty treatment.

~On the D-day :
Ask Close by Friends and Relatives to Look out for
a.Timely execution of all the events without any interruptions.
b.Make sure that guests do not face any problem.
c.Make sure that everything is running smoothly and in case of a mishap or any problem contact the event manager.
d.Appoint three or four persons (preferably educated well mannered security Guards) and assign them following responsibilities:
e.Make sure that bride and groom´s outfit, Jewellery, presents, all rented items and other items are safe.
f.Lookout for suspicious people like freebies and thieves.
g.Switch on generators during a power failure.
h.Handle the entire security of the wedding
Last but not the least: Try to be on time and smile like you mean it!



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